Università degli Studi di Milano

università degli studi di milano

The University of Milan is an institution of public multidisciplinary research: 8 Faculties, 136 study programs, 31 doctoral programs and 63 specialization schools.

The research groups are rated among the best in Italy and in Europe, placing the facility among leading institutes for scientific productivity.


Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie e Ambientali

Produzione, Territorio, Agroenergia (DISAA)

The Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences – Production, Land, Agroenergia develops its scientific research activities on agricultural systems, forestry, livestock, environmental and energy through a multidisciplinary approach.

The integration between the main fields of agricultural science is essential in order to improve many aspects of agricultural production, respecting the preservation of natural resources and minimizing environmental impact thanks to the recycling of waste.


 Gruppo Ricicla DISAA Unimi

Gruppo Ricicla Lab

Ricicla Lab group is part of DISAA, Università degli Studi di Milano.

The group is active on issues of bioenergy, the recovery of waste biomass, promotion of renewable nutrients, conservation and enhancement of the quality of the soil and the reduction of environmental impacts of agricultural production.

Università di Milano

Università degli Studi di Milano
via Festa del Perdono, 7
20122 Milano
t: +39 02 503111






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