Using pretreated effluents in biogas plants

effluenti pretrattati negli impianti di biogas

The use of effluent pretreated in biogas plants would allow the desirable replacement of maize. It’s then necessary to proceed in testing and measuring the technical and economic feasibility.

Target groups

Livestock farmers, biogas plants


The replacement rate of the pretreated effluent will start from 30% up to 70%.

Monitoring of productivity and critical points in plant

  • viscosity
  • phase separation and load lines inside the reactor
  • effort to make a proper agitation
  • self-consumption for ancillary services (agitators, loading system)
  • quality of the anaerobic digestion process
  • quality digestate


Stables involved: 20

Biogas plants involved: 2

Action Responsible

  • Università degli Studi di Milano
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