Pre-treatment of effluents for biogas plants

The pre-treatment of effluents for the exploitation in biogas plants presupposes the construction of a mobile cavitatore prototype. This tool uses manure to produce optimized material for anaerobic digestion.

Target groups

Livestock farmers, biogas plants, users of fertilizers and organic amendments


The milk chain extends its boundaries to promote the production of renewable energy and the improvement of nutrient management.

Usually the enhancement of livestock manure into biogas plants meets the following barriers

  • lack of a characterizer of the materials and of information on the potential methane carriers
  • difficulty in loading and mixing of fibrous materials.

The activity thus promotes a pilot pre-treatment (screening, crushing and cavitation) of a mixture of liquid-manure to make the most of the material in the anaerobic digestion plants in the area.

The connection between dairy chain and agro-energy chain is strengthened thanks to this pre-treatment:

  • ability to export and lower compliance costs Nitrates Directive for breeders
  • characterization and the market value of the liquid-manure
  • replacing corn with effluents
  • improving the profitability of biogas plants of the area concerned.
  • pretreatment effluent tests

The setting of the operating conditions of the mobile cavitatore will be tested and validated on three different types of stables and operating conditions:

  • dry matter content of manure
  • straw content
  • fiber length
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